Crucial Key Points on COVID Symptoms in 2024

Fever Alert: Persistent high body temperature could be a sign of COVID.

Cough Clues: Frequent coughing might indicate a COVID infection.

Breath Watch: Difficulty breathing could be a serious symptom to monitor.

Fatigue Factor: Unusual tiredness could be linked to COVID, even without exertion.

Taste and Smell Signals: Loss of taste or smell may be early indicators of COVID.

Body Aches: Persistent body aches might accompany a COVID infection.

Headache Highlight: Frequent headaches could be associated with COVID symptoms.

Gastro Trouble: Digestive issues like diarrhea may be a symptom to watch out for.

Skin Sensations: Rashes or unusual skin conditions could be linked to COVID.

Mental Fog: Difficulty concentrating or mental confusion might be COVID-related.